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  Most people feel respect towards aviation sphere and aircraft development. This sphere requires many years of work, a lot of knowledge and experience. Specialists always admire beauty of an aircraft and spectators marvel at the mystery of technical solutions. Being founded by aviation specialists, from the very beginning AEROLA was dealing with aircraft one way or the other. The first completed aircraft developed by the company was a rigid wing glider, which appeared as a result of productive collaboration with AEROS. 
  Rigid wing gliders have come into existence as a logical development of traditional hang gliders, which are attractive due to their low cost and transportability. In fact, owing to the low weight, simplicity of rigging, possibility of foot-launching, a hang glider pilot can fly whenever he wants to, taking off either from a hillside or using airtowing. Rigid wing gliders were designed to retain all these positive features, at the same time gaining a better performance and pilot comfort due to the rigid leading edge of the wing.