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   Being a further development of its predecessor - the Stalker rigid wing glider, the Phantom has inherited the following features:

  • Superb flight performance;
  • High comfort level while airtowing, climbing in thermals and during high speed flight;
  • Tremendous safety level. 
  All of this became possible due to the increased rigidity of the wing as well as it’s aileron control system. Now we can positively state that at the cost of only a couple of additional kilograms of weight, the Stalker Phantom gives the pilot more confidence and makes the endeavor of rigid wing flight more safe as well.
  Distinctive features of Phantom compared with Stalker:
  • Higher Aspect Ratio;
  • More surface area of the ailerons and SPADDs;
  • An advanced control system allows for decreased bar pressure at high speed.
  Now working the thermals becomes easier and even more intuitive, and at the final glide you will have absolutely no rivals!

 Class 5  
 Wing area 13,5 m2
 Wing span  12 m
 Aspect ratio  12,9
 Sweep angle  1500
 Weight 39 kg
 Load weight 50~120 kg
 Breakdown length 5,7x0,5x0,2 m
 Min. sink ratio 0,65 m/s
 Min. airspeed 33~35 km/h
 Stall speed 29 km/h
 Max. airspeed 130rm/h
 Best glide ratio 19
 Certificate                                                     DHV 01-0411-05     

General information