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  Gliding is probably the most fascinating kind of air sports. Gliding is imparted an especial romanticism the ability of gliders flying for a long time and covering a great distance using only energy of atmosphere. At present the best L/D ratio for gliiders has exceeded 60:1, the closed route extened more than 2600 km had been conquered. High flight performances are attained due to the introduction of the newst aerodynamic achievements, advanced processes and materials. Inevitable result is high price and depressing a market of new competed gliders. In the beginning of 90s FAI Gliding Commission held a competition on creation of a new Glider Class - World Class. The idea was to find the compromise with price, flight and operating performances. After fruitless attempts it was created expensive glider with satisfactory performances, for such reason customers preferred the obsolete gliders which was able to compete in Club Class with handicap. Recently UL gliders were introduced to the market though the traditional approach could not cut their price and maintenance charges.
  We offer new UL soaring glider as combinnig advantages of traditional glider and rigid wing hang gliders.