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ILC-25 Class

  In the year 2000 AEROLA together with Sergey Pichugin, a racer well-known in the yachting community, have taken a decision to start a new direction in our activities, development of cruising and racing yachts.The purpose of this programme is construction of yachts complying with modern international requirements in the first place for the Ukrainian home market. All work in this sphere is performed within the framework of the International Measurement System (IMS), which has been adopted by the International Sailing Federation (ISAF) to replace the IOR (International Offshore Rule) measurement system. 
  At present the International Level Class (ILC) has been formed within the International Measurement System, namely: ILC-25, -30, - 40, - 50, - MAXI, instead of the old IOR classes: 1/4-ton, 1/2-ton, etc.