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ILC-25 Class

General information

The Idea 
 It wasn't by chance that we've chosen the boat with these dimensions and weight, this is the optimum yacht type for yachting the Dnieper river and the coastal area of the Black Sea and the Azov Sea. Going into history, we can see that the Quarter Ton yachts have been prevalent and most popular in Ukraine. This is first of all due to the dimensions of the boat: mast height is limited by the bridges across the Dnieper, and its draught - by the characteristic depth. Width of the yacht still allows its transportation on a trailer. Another important factor is the low cost. Besides, a yacht of this class falls into the category of cruise yachts. Its rig is fully similar to the equipment of a big yacht, but on a smaller scale, and the crew of 5 or 6 people (max. 380 kg) performs the same tasks during a race as, for example, on a 50- or 60-feet yacht. To date the yacht AEROLA has already taken part in competitions both in Ukraine and abroad. In July 2002 the yacht crew participated in the Minialtura Race of the Italian Championship and took the third place in it (in four races out of six the yacht finished first!).

Design features
  The hull and deck of the yacht are made as a sandwich with foam filling. Carbon fabric and UD-carbon form the basis of the hull, deck and bulkhead structure. The fin and the keel bulb are made of lead. For the keel pylon a special profile has been designed to provide low drag at the main courses. The rudder is made of carbon, shaft-spar is a separately moulded structural component with high resistance characteristics. Profile of the high-aspect ratio rudder blade has high hydrodynamic performance. Inside there are two sleeping berths with mattresses along the starboard and the port side between the 2nd and 3rd bulkheads, two lockers, sails and engine storage compartment. The mast is made of aluminum profile 112x76 mm (Italy). Boom (AEROLA) made of carbon weighs 5.5 kg. Standing rod rigging includes two pairs of spreaders and intermediate. The yacht is supplied ready to navigate, equipped with HARKEN and FREDERIKSEN deck fittings and RAYTHEON computer. 
  The first yacht of this family was measured according to IMS in 2002, IMS Rating Certificate No. UKR-101.


 Length Overall (LOA)                                                                                          7,846 m                       
 Average Sailing Length (L) 7,056 m
 Maximum Beam (MB) 2,555 m
 Keel Draft (DHK0) 1,608 m
 Displacement (DSPM) 1212 kg
 Sail Area (SA): 
         mainsail (M) 24,51 m2
         genoa (G) (140%) 19,95 m2
         spinnaker (S) 45,83 m2
 Crew Weight 340~380 kg
 Handicap (GPH) 665,2
 IMS Rating Certificate     No.UKR101


General information